Having your jewelry repaired can be a stressful experience.  The jewelry that we wear often has sentimental value, family history, as well as monetary value.  It is imperative that you trust your jeweler, understand the processes that will be implemented, and know that you are paying a fair price for the requested work.

Ouray Silversmiths handles nearly all types of repair for your silver or gold jewelry.  Be it retipping prongs on your engagement ring, repairing breaks or cracks in your older jewelry, replacement of stones, chain repair, or nearly anything else, we can assist you.

We will review the work to be done clearly and in a way that can be easily understood to the jewelry layman.  We set our prices based on the Geller Bluebook to ensure fairness and consistency.  While our sales staff is fully able to accept your repairs for service, you are always welcome to speak to the jeweler directly to express any special concerns or just to meet the person who will be working on something so dear to you.

We are, of course, fully insured.